Photo by Joel Austin

Welcome to Richard Frazier Music

Richard Frazier, a San Francisco-based composer, music educator, conductor, and performer, has created a repertoire of original musical compositions and arrangements suitable for concert band, string orchestra, symphony orchestra, brass ensemble, and a variety of chamber music ensembles.

His music has been performed by professional and semi-professional symphony orchestras and community bands, as well as school groups and youth orchestras around the world.

He is also the author of the innovative guide to beginning string class pedagogy, Starting Without the Books: Ten Lessons for Beginning String Orchestra.

Richard Frazier Music is a resource for those wanting to purchase, listen to, or learn more about the music of Richard Frazier. We hope you will enjoy the music, placing your order, and of course the best part, the performance. If you do, we would like to hear about it. Contact us via our Contact Page or through Facebook. When you post performances on YouTube, please let us know.