A Sweet Little Suite/Richard Frazier RFM 1003


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Overture Petite (Duration: 2’ 38”)
Solitude (Duration: 3 min.)
Waltz (Duration: 3’ 5”)
Gospel Riffs (Duration: 2’ 29”)
A piece for concert band that can be played either in the early years of a musician’s band experience or as a pleasantly entertaining number for adult bands because it subscribes to the very highest ideals of contrast and unity, clear formal structure, sophisticated harmonies, challenging rhythms, and memorable melodies. In “Overture Petite” an Orff-inspired “singsong” melody follows a brief but musically expansive introduction, but soon the music begins to sway with the rhythm of a beguine. “Solitude” features the lonely sounds of an oboe (or alto saxophone) solo and a warm, rich middle section for the entire ensemble. The “Waltz” offers a combination of a carousel-like melody and an elegant melodic concoction that would be a credit to Franz Lehar. “Gospel Riffs” shouts for joy in swing rhythms in call and response patterns.

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March 4, 2020 3:05 pm

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