Dance Overture/Richard Frazier RFM 2001


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A Ten-Minute Terpsichorean Whirlwind
A Richard Frazier Original -Duration: 10’ 17”
Dance Overture opens with an introductory statement followed by the first dance in triple meter Spanish style, complete with castanets and bold, Zarzuela-like statements from brass, winds and strings that offer a transition to a quasi cadenza for the first violins and piano. The mood relaxes with a lyrical ballerina dance featuring solo flute supported by clarinet harmony, piano arpeggios, and Satie- inspired string voicings. Our peaceful mood is rudely interrupted by a rowdy intro to a pleasant two-step that becomes a kind of Irish jig and eventually returns to the two-step. The introductory music returns and leads to another triple dance in minor that has something of a Renaissance flair. A carnival-like middle section returns us to the minor dance that whirls to the conclusion. The scoring includes optional scoring for saxophones that make this an ideal number to feature when combining band and orchestra for a festive event.

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“Rehearsing and performing Richard Frazier’s ‘Dance Overture’ proved to be a splendid experience for the Sunset Youth Orchestra. One attractive melody after the other kept my players engaged. I received so many positive comments from the audience! They especially praised the variety of contrasting moods that ‘Dance
Overture’ evoked.”

-Tatiana Ganenko, founder and conductor
Sunset Youth Orchestra, San Francisco, California

March 4, 2020 3:05 pm

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