Ocean Beach Serenade RFM 3001


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A Richard Frazier Original (30 minute duration)
Full suite includes 4 movements. Movements can can also be purchased individually for $50 each.
1. Day Breaks Over the Rhythm of the Tide, Duration: 9’ 17”
2. A Stroll on the Promenade, Duration: 8’ 17”
3. “Corrientes Peligrosas” Danger-Rip Tide, Duration: 6’ 17”
4. Moonlight on the Ocean Waves, Duration: 8’ 43”

This is a four-movement work with a total duration of around 30 minutes suitable for a professional string orchestra or a high school or university ensemble. When the entire serenade is performed, it describes a panorama of San Francisco’s beautiful Ocean Beach, as well as presenting a large overview of the many styles, textures, and the sonic virtuosity of a string orchestra.

LISTEN: Mvmt 1 | Mvmt 2 | Mvmt 3 | Mvmt 4
PDF (first page of each Movement)
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March 4, 2020 2:54 pm

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