The Lady of the Golden Gate (orch) RFM 2002


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Celebrating the 75th Birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge
A Richard Frazier Original – Duration: 4’ 24”
This is a setting for full symphony orchestra of Richard Frazier’s popular work for concert band, “The Lady of the Golden Gate.” This march is a melodic evocation of the natural beauty of the Golden Gate decorated by one of the most awe-inspiring artistic statements that civilization has ever created, The Golden Gate Bridge. Its eminently tuneful melodies flow in a natural sequence that offers a sonic adventure in contrasting palettes of color and style with a bold and uplifting finale that lets the entire ensemble show its exuberant spirit. Because this piece is more in keeping with the style of Broadway and of certain English composers like Eric Coates than with the style of a military march, the setting for orchestra works exceptionally well.

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March 4, 2020 3:03 pm

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