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Starting Without the Books: Ten Lessons for Beginning String Orchestra
A method for starting students without the clutter and distraction of music books. Richard Frazier credits the superior ratings his groups have earned to this sequence of highly structured lessons that allow students to become more visually connected to their hand position, body balance, bow movement, bow hold, bow geography, and tracking while tuning their ears with familiar melodies that establish a tonal awareness of scale degrees and an aural definition of basic intervals. This system prepares students to move into Book I of any string class method in a few months (depending on the frequency of sessions). Despite the book’s title, the focus is on what to do rather than what not to do. (160 pages with 160 illustrations)

“There is much to recommend this overwhelmingly helpful method. It is well written, with wonderful insights and fabulous pictures all presented in a logical, workable, well thought out, well paced sequence. I particularly like the “To the Teacher” and “Teacher Talk” sections, which feature objectives laid out so nicely and that emphasize the supportive and encouraging role of constant review. Also, Frazier has effectively communicated the sense of both the class and the individual psyche. A master teacher, he presents multiple strategies for problem solving and includes what I would describe as “experienced anticipation.” Frazier describes the anticipated problems in each piece and/or exercise and has strategies prepared! Lastly, in this broad sweep of sterling comments, I understand and appreciate the way he shares personal moments with openness and professional pride, moments that resonate with all who care about their teaching.”

-Dr. Tom Tatton Distinguished string pedagogue and violist


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Lesson 5: Kitty Cats
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